Project description

The requirement of the client is to replace obsolete access control systems for all nuclear power generation facilities and to upgrade those systems’ capacity. The facilities include 20 plants in France, with 19 in operational condition.

Assystem was commissioned to meet this need for physical protection of its sites.

Assystem's mission is to assist site technicians with any difficulties they meet, to act as "manufacturer" of access control, intrusion and video surveillance equipment for the client (i.e. to repair or arrange for the repair of any elements found defective, to ensure the delivery of spare parts and to provide technical monitoring of the equipment over time). The scope includes level 3, 4 and 5 maintenance operations according to the AFNOR X60-010 standard.

Project scope

Missions called "structure missions“:

  • Security systems on-call technical assistance
  • Management of factory reconditioning of security systems equipment
  • Reconditioning of security systems equipment in the factory
  • Curative maintenance of security systems equipment on the sites
  • Systems equipment
  • Management and distribution of documentation relating to Security Systems equipment
  • Treatment of direct obsolescence of Security Systems equipment
  • Management of software and parameters
  • Studies, design and follow-up of industrial projects
  • Expertise missions...

In addition, the so-called "permanent" missions:

  • Refurbishment of basic Security Systems equipment in the factory
  • Treatment of indirect obsolescence


The satisfaction of the client from all our services since 1978, which leads it to renew the contract with Assystem every 5 years.

During this service, the client was also able to benefit from Assystem's implementation in compliance with company standards and an increased reactivity regarding the delays of repair and supply of spare parts on these sensitive sites.

In addition to the guarantee of functionality and operator satisfaction, this contract is positively evaluated through the Quality System and the monitoring of indicators in our annual activity reports audited by the client.


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