Context and challenges

This client is a leading group specialising in industrial gases.

It has launched a major digital transformation project to digitize its business and transversal processes. This project affects in particular the aspects of project management, supply, 3D design, engineering, production (inventory, quality, logistics, etc.). The objectives of this transformation, at the scale of the items concerned, are mainly to:

  • Provide a harmonised codification of the materials used within client teams
  • Significantly reduce the need for manual data entry and/or transfers via Excel
  • Centralise the data required for the work within a single platform
  • Enable efficient consolidation of data for reporting purposes, particularly for real-time monitoring
  • Ensuring the traceability of data and engineering choices

No solution has yet been chosen to support, locally or globally, this transition, however the objective is to first define the data model.

In this context, this client has mandated Assystem for a consulting mission in digital transformation and support for the functional and technical definition of a PoC (Proof of Concept) tool on two areas of this transformation (engineering and manufacturing).

Project scope

  • Workshops for defining and understanding the need (especially around the process dimensions)
  • Data flow modelling
  • Writing data models
  • Definition of tool architecture diagrams according to data flows and expressed needs
  • Co-construction of the evaluation criteria for the proposed tool architecture schemes
  • Support for the evaluation of tool architectures
  • Methodological and practical support in framing the expected, and tool selection method
  • Transversal expertise on the proposed tools (costs, interconnections, addressed use cases)
  • Support on the strategy for implementing the tools (deployment, etc.)

Client benefits

  • Better adaptation to needs and greater demonstration of the robustness of the solutions thanks to Assystem's feedback on the transversal dimensions of a digital transition (deployment, change management, etc.)
  • Taking into account all of the customer expectations consolidated between the stakeholders for the definition and evaluation of the tool sets (in particular via support and specific expertise in terms of tool solutions)
  • Good overall coordination between the levels involved thanks to the consistency of data flows between data management directives at group level and business expectations, which has enabled customer milestones to be met
  • Clear, comprehensive and modular synthesis between the business hard points and the tool/data possibilities via an efficient definition and understanding of the requirement

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