Context and challenges

Our client, a major player in the pharmaceutical industry, has launched an Industry 4.0 programme in one of its sites. This project aims to build a new digital production unit using the latest and most innovative technologies.

It has in view to accelerate digital engineering and implement a standardised digital model for engineering processes, drawing on PLM, simulation tools and industry best practice, in order to:

  • Accelerate plant preparation, improve design, execution, control, quality and speed up production
  • Reduce the allocation of resources to projects
  • Optimise cost and performance at the design stage through simulations
  • Maintain digital models for manufacturing purposes

The client's need is to develop and deploy an ecosystem of tools or AIH (Asset Information Hub) across their projects. To do this, it has launched several projects simultaneously with various companies to help them implement their digital engineering strategy.

In this context, this customer mandated Assystem for a consulting service in digital transformation and to lead him in the deployment of digital tools such as the BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), within the framework of an Assistance to Project Management.

Project scope

  • Identification of the need for the entire information system perimeter and definition of the budget target
  • Change management support
  • Identification of the solution and recommendations for implementation
  • Specification of the BIM model, in particular through the drafting of a generic and global BIM agreement that can be applied to all projects
  • Expert BIM assistance on the basic design of the project, in order to verify the structuring of the model during the BIM execution phase and its adequacy with the proposed generic model
  • Functional specification of the entire information system, via a large number of workshops to capture the need and describe all data exchanges, interfaces, etc., in a tool such as MBSE Capella

Client benefits

  • Formalisation of all BIM use cases as well as BIM interactions with PLM (identification of exchanged data and interoperability)
  • Efficiency gains thanks to the standardisation and availability of a generic BIM convention that can be applied to all the client's future projects
  • Simplified integration of tools and better handling thanks to the specification of CAD and BIM tools, as well as the entire modelling eco-system (P&Ids - Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, isometrics, 3D models, 2D plans, virtual and augmented reality models, etc.)
  • Client satisfaction with the AMO BIM PLM project, which led to service extensions, including an Information System Architecture assignment
  • 20 business processes modelled on a single HTML support (as opposed to ten PowerPoint presentations, representing a volume of over 250 pages)
  • 205 functions modelled and assigned to the right actors

Key figures

  • 20
    business processes modelled
  • 205
    functions modelled

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