This project was to help our client develop a tender programme for a data centre in London. Assystem provided expert advice for the development of the tender programme using their 4D Planning and BIM capability on this highly technical Data Centre infrastructure project.

The complex MEP works instillations and logistic sequences needed to be clearly displayed in this tender to show how this would benefit the programme.


  • Created a detailed 4D construction sequence for the data centre tender to show the MEP instillation and logistic sequence
  • Help the client to showcase the benefits of 4D BIM with this tender programme
  • Used 4D BIM as a visualization tool so that the project could easily understand the complex MEP project data and allow better data driven decisions from the project
  • Align the 4D BIM with the client’s vision for possible scalability to meet the worlds growing demand for data storage
  • Integration of the BIM models with he programme which enabled the discovery and resolution of conflicts before the construction phase on site

Client benefits

  • Created a robust schedule for the project by highlighting incomplete areas of the schedule
  • Provided the client with confidence in the programme by enabling early clash detection of planning sequence errors, and logistics complications and clashes
  • Provided proactive management and valuable feedback across different functions using a 4D model
  • Increased the quality of the programme by providing insights and validations

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