Context and challenges

This client, a major player in the aviation industry, wanted to move civil and military industrial activities from the current site to a new location. This project is part of the company's industrial projects for the next 50 years, taking into account the environmental impact (pollution standards, recycling, etc.).

  • This project requires the transfer of :
  • Several production units
  • Administrative, technical & specific support units
  • Specific areas relating to innovation, training and passion for aeronautics
  • Tertiary spaces

The plant is designed to employ more than 630 people in normal operation.

This client has appointed Assystem as prime contractor, including programming (definition of future needs within the framework of the project), studies, planning and implementation of the industrial transfer of the various activities.

Project scope

Phase 0: Programming

  • Inventory and understanding of the issues, activities and gathering of needs
  • Inventory of items to be relocated and layout needs
  • Agility analysis (shuttles, production advances, IS impacts, B plans, etc.)

Phase 1: Design

  • Inventory and understanding of issues, activities and needs
  • Inventory of elements to be moved and layout requirements
  • Agility analysis (shuttles, production advances, IS impacts, plan B, ...)
  • 3 transfer scenarios (choice, detailed studies, risk analysis, etc.)
  • Implementation plan for the chosen solution

Phase 2: Consultation

  • Drafting of the consultation specifications
  • Analysis and selection of service providers

Phase 3: Implementation

  • Checking of the facilities
  • Initial inventory of fixtures
  • Coordination and monitoring of the transfer

Phase 4: Acceptance

  • End-of-period inventory, acceptance, start-up and follow-up GPA(*)


  • Minimising the risk of production disruptions by using Assystem's specific know-how and methodologies to minimise lead times and guarantee the start-up of new installations.
  • Ensuring the safety of the workers following a specific HSE** plan
  • Ensuring electrical compliance of the installations with current regulations
  • Integration of the existing process into a modern "4 0" factory
  • Consideration of the environmental impact

(*) GPA: Guarantee of Perfect Achievement
(**) HSE: Health, Safety and Environment


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