Context and challenges

The naval base of Toulon is a major French naval base that includes a range of facilities located within the port of Toulon. It contains most of the French naval force, including the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, projection and command vessels (PCV), Mistral, Tonnerre and Dixmude, as well as 6 Rubis class nuclear attack submarines.

More than 60% of the French national navy tonnage is located in the Toulon port. It represents the largest defence base since the 1st January 2011, and is supported by the Toulon defence base support group.

The large basins of Vauban, of the Toulon naval base, are one of the major facilities for servicing and maintenance of the National Navy ships. In this context of equipment and materials commissioning, expansions and improvement works have been performed. 

The client, a public entity managing several infrastructure projects for the defence ministry, has appointed Assystem to perform design studies (feasibility, structure, etc) and a construction supervision mission related to the Vauban large basins.

Project scope

  • Achieved several design missions, involving technical expertise such as civil works and nuclear safety:
    • Design study to widen the Vauban basin to host the aircraft carrier Charles-De-Gaulle - 1995
    • Structure design study for the Vauban 2 small basin - 1997
    • Diagnostic study for the large Vauban basin - 1997
    • Design study for the North-West Vauban basin - 2000
    • Studies for the Darse du Canier ship - 2000
    • Feasibility studies for the Large Vauban basin anchorage and protections - 2006
    • Studies for anchorage and protections - 2007
  • Construction supervision in the context of a project management mission for renovating the MY2 basin for the SNA Barracuda new generation of submarines - 2018


  • Studies performed complied with various requirements: technical, regulatory, safety and budgetary, ensuring client satisfaction. The client wished to carry on the mission and appointed Assystem for a construction supervision engagement.
  • Since 1995, the client has continued its collaboration with Assystem, which proves its trust and satisfaction.


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