Since 2020, out client’s purpose has been to respond to the climate emergency by focusing on the pyrolysis of biomass that produces biogas (recoverable in heat or electricity), bio-oil and biochar.

In this context, the client commissioned Assystem for the conceptual design of an identified site, considering the uses of biochar and byproducts.


Conceptual design:

  • Design of the installation
  • Operating descriptions of the units
  • Calculation of material and thermal balances
  • Cost and time calculation
  • Regulatory analysis and consents

Consultation with suppliers of pyrolysis technology:

  • Establishment of the least restrictive specifications possible
  • Selection and consultation of potential candidates
  • Analysis of bids received, technical consolidation, and selection
  • Definitions of three standard configurations adaptable to the client’s market and strategy

Interfacing with client's partners upstream and downstream to:

  • Define the objectives
  • Define the valuable incoming and outgoing products
  • Evolve iterative study by integrating supplier solutions

Perform a full-cycle carbon balance from source to end user

Client benefits

Assystem was able to provide its knowledge of biomass boiler plants and cogeneration, particularly:

  • Thermodynamic optimisation of the installation, on-site logistics, types of biomass and its byproducts
  • Facilitating consultations between internal EDF stakeholders (technical management, research and design, operators) and external (consultants, partners)
  • Proposing operating scenarios to consider operational needs and outcomes depending on the time of year
  • Presenting hypotheses and COPIL (Steering committee) results to the client

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