Assystem has signed a partnership with a british railway network company to review their BIM maturity across a long-term railway infrastructure programme. The aim was to review existing BIM capability across the teams and to provide the project a roadmap for Level 2 BIM development. 

Following an extensive assessment, Assystem advised the client of the requirements within people, policy, system and data to ultimately achieve the goal of level 2 BIM maturity. This brought in industry knowledge, BIM best practice and the use of benchmarking data to create a comprehensive and holistic roadmap.


  • Using BIM and digital expertise, as well as a dynamic approach, Assystem produced a robust, in-depth and insightful report with a detailed roadmap to achieve the client's goal
  • This BIM Maturity Assessment report highlighted short term, medium term and long-term actions which would help to improve the BIM maturity of the project
  • The BIM maturity assessment report uses a consistent approach to reviewing the maturity and capability of BIM, cost, and schedule management within an organisation
  • The assessment ensured that functional and non-functional requirements were clearly identified, and the proposed solutions were achievable and could be traced back to the needs of the business

Client benefits

  • Ability to manage complex and large amount of data through the use of BIM
  • The client had a clear idea of their BIM capability, while also gaining insight into how they stand within the rail industry
  • Confidence in their digital transformation plans and how to get to the level 2 BIM maturity that they require

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