In this special episode, the first of season 2, we will look at the development of nuclear programmes around the world.

There is now a renaissance of nuclear power, accepted as a strategic pillar of some countries' electricity mix to accelerate their energy transition.

At the end of 2022, 420 nuclear reactors were in operation in some thirty countries around the world. The energy produced by these reactors represents about 10% of the world's electricity,. According to the IAEA, this figure could soon double. The main reason for this is the fight against climate change.

In this episode, we are going to draw a global picture of the nuclear energy market, analyse the issues and present the challenges linked to the construction of these reactors in time.


Stéphane Aubarbier

Stéphane Aubarbier

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Assystem group

Stéphane Aubarbier is an engineering graduate from INSA Lyon and ESCP-EAP. He started his career at Assystem as a test engineer before taking on various responsibilities. In 2002, he created the engineering activities and redeveloped the energy & nuclear sector. In 2023, Stéphane was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Assystem group, in charge of all the company’s activities. He was also President of Syntec-Ingénierie and he is a member of the Strategic Committee of the French Nuclear Industry.


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