Context and challenges

Our client, a major player in the nuclear industry, currently operates two industrial sites that enable the conversion of natural uranium into uranium hexafluoride UF6.

This UF6 component is used to obtain enriched uranium. The client manages projects which involve the renovation of industrial facilities located within the Malvési and Pierrelatte sites. This project aims to maintain facility operations and increase the production capacity.

Our client wanted to use new processes to modernise its facilities, taking into account new environmental and regulatory constraints. To achieve this, the client built new workshops, relying on its experience acquired operating already existing facilities.

Assystem was called upon to provide assistance in the start-up of these new facilities, to supervise their construction, and support tests and commissioning support phases.

Project scope

  • Supervision of all general contracting works at Malvési site (OPC, logistics, facilities handling).
  • Setting up a testing team for supervising phase II tests at Pierrelatte construction site (ventilation, fluid, processes, electricity, instrumentation and control systems).
  • Setting up work and delivery offices for electrical and fluids on Pierrelatte and Malvési facilities.
  • Preparation and organisation of the facilities’ handling to the Pierrelatte site operator (configuration management and documentation delivery).
  • Scheduling and follow-up of phase 3 tests for the Malvési facilities.
  • Organising theory and practical staff training for the management of Malvési and Pierrelatte operations.
  • Support for accelerating industrial performance plan of Malvési (operational logistics, general contracting works follow-up, set up of 5S process on all facilities).

Clients benefits

  • Expected plant performance reached thanks to optimisation and control of tests performed on the facilities.
  • Compliance with security objectives reached thanks to the involvement of all construction site stakeholders (teams' awareness, consignments and trades cooperation compliance).
  • The operator was able to quickly takeover the facility thanks to the quick transfer of facilities with effective configuration management.
  • Using collaborative working and best practices to improve the skills of client and Assystem teams during testing phase.

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