Context and challenges

The Ile de France Region has launched a rolling stock renovation programme and has ordered new trains to equip its Transilien and RER lines (suburban trains, Ile de France Region, Paris area). These new trains will improve user comfort and increase passenger capacity. It requires some adaptation of the related infrastructure (stations, platforms, electrical power supply, workshops and maintenance centres) to ensure train operation.

This client, a company that manages transportation infrastructures in France, has created a specific agency to coordinate the programme (contracting roles and general project management). The programme concerns five Transilien lines and two RER lines, all stations in the network, and maintenance sites for adaptation of the gauge and signage, all lines of the network (gauge clearance and slope adaptation, reinforcement of the electrical power supply) and the associated service tracks (maintenance sites, sidings and turning tracks).

This client, through this specific agency, has awarded a five-year contract to Assystem for the management of a project portfolio and all the tasks that are necessary for the programme to succeed, in the context of Project Management Consultancy support.

Project scope

Integrated on a common platform (Assystem and client teams), the service involves supporting the programme with all the skills, methodologies, and support tasks necessary to ensure that targets are reached, in terms of deadlines compliance for bringing the equipment into service in the network and compliance with the planned investments.

Some of Assystem's specific tasks are as follows:

  • Management of a single base of projects and worksites
  • Management of the design and construction workload plan
  • Carrying out the PMO (Project Management Office) tasks for the project: scheduling, costs, risks, and contractual management
  • Assistance with financing applications
  • Management and tracking of modifications
  • Preparation of control bodies

Setting up the communication tools around the project (mock-ups, visuals)

Expected results

  • Compliance with commissioning deadlines: control of the technical scope and the commitments made to the stakeholders (IDF Region, IDF general management, Transilien, SNCF Mobilité)
  • Budget compliance: industrialisation of the project management process, in accordance with the provisions of Nouvel’R, whilst optimising the dedicated resources
  • Providing occasional and appropriate expert analyses for the arbitration of decisions related to sizing

Key figure

  • 25
    Assystem staff
  • 10
    bn euros total investment
  • 1.5
    bn euros of investment for infrastructure adaptation works

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