As part of the development of South Africa's nuclear fleet, a government entity has mandated a contractor to produce a standard report of national legislative requirements and international best practice relating to the development of new nuclear facilities.   

In this context, Assystem was commissioned to carry out an analysis and produce a detailed report meeting the requirements of the project's stakeholders.  

Project Scope

  • Phase 1: Analyse the RFI process and reports for the 2500MW Nuclear New Build Programme (NNBP) comprising Conventional Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and Small Modular Reactor technology (SMR). Draw lessons learned and recommendations for procurement approaches for the programme.  
  • Phase 2: Assess the legal framework for the procurement in South Africa and integrates with international best practices towards a Procurement for 2500MW of nuclear energy in South Africa.  
  • Phase 3: Develop governance mechanisms and project management approaches for the procurement of the 2500MW NNBP in line with national legislative prescripts and international best practices.  
  • Phase 4: Determine optimal funding and financing models and ownership structure.  
  • Phase 5: Make recommendations on procurement approaches that would maximise on localisation and industrialisation of the 2500MW NNBP.  


With 12 weeks to develop this framework, Assystem was able to:  

  • Produce an exhaustive report including an analysis of a recent Request for Information process that tested the market for conventional nuclear power plants and small modular reactors.  
  • As well as recommendations on the approach to procurement, the report produced also contains recommendations on how to maximise localisation and industrialisation.  

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