Context and challenges

This company, a world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air, have established a strong position within global markets including – Civil Aerospace, Defence and Power Systems.

They are committed to delivering a rationalised supply chain footprint by supporting optimised outsourcing, whilst achieving substantial cost and values for larger work packages, accomplished through fully utilising supplier capability and intelligent contracting.

This client has mandated Assystem, in collaboration with a strategic partner, for the provision of engineering services to the defence sector of the client’s business (engineering work package and temporary labour solutions) within a five-year framework contract.

Project scope

  • Niche Engineering Work Packages: Assystem provided solutions for a range of customer requirements including front end definition, design, safety case production, support to installation, commissioning and handover of large infrastructure projects:
    • Chemical machining facility: work packages included configuration management review, technical oversight, design and commissioning
    • Upgrade of existing core management facility: work packages included building sequencing, planning and commissioning, design integration, tooling design, safety case support, supply chain engagement and manufacture engineering
    • Design and manufacture of tooling for lifting and handling operations: work packages included preliminary design, critical design and technical documentation
  • Temporary Labour: Hiring 200 additional nuclear engineering specialists per year, and managing processing the security clearance, coordinating the onboarding process and induction of each new recruit

Client benefits

  • Cost savings greater than >10% year on year for engineering work package solutions
  • Providing of 259 security cleared staff in the project’s first year, beating the target of 39 hires 
  • Efficient monthly basis KPIs definition to measure the performance on all engineering work packages. Performance for 2019 is rated on Quality – class leading, Delivery - satisfactory, Cost – class leading and Cost savings – ahead of target
  • Reviewed and optimised clients existing processes and procedures : review delivered a CV success rate from 66% - 78%
  • Good awareness of progress, individual responsibilities and shared goals of all the stakeholders, thanks to close a collaboration and coordination
  • Strong support and streamlined outsourcing processes thanks to a single point of contact (Integrator) provided for each of the clients business units

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