Context and challenges

This client is a leading group in the aeronautical industry.

Following the fire at a source station in the Paris region, which led to a loss of power supply to the Montparnasse station and the paralysis of the station, this client launched an audit on an airport, on its own vulnerability to this type of incident, and more generally, of all its installations (electricity, water, security, etc.), which could suffer a service stoppage and lead to security incidents. Following this audit, a business continuity plan was put in place in order to correct and mitigate these weaknesses.

Runway lighting is an essential element in the safety of aircraft movements, and it is therefore imperative that it be kept operational. In order to guarantee this objective, a project to secure the High Voltage power supply for runway lighting and ancillary functions related to takeoff and landing operations has been initiated.

This client has commissioned Assystem to carry out a study on the airport's HV power supply, in order to make the air navigation functions more reliable, based on an FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis) risk study with two levels of failure.

Project scope

  • Appropriation of client's data, constraints and expectations regarding the airport's HV power supply (operation, maintenance...)
  • Drawing up an AVP providing a programme covering all the requests and expectations collected (prioritisation of consumers - priority operational services linked to navigation, redundancy)
  • Carrying out an FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis) study highlighting the reduction of the risk of failure from the initial situation to the post-construction situation
  • Identification of residual risks with corrective actions in case of proven failures
  • Identification of the electrical adaptations required to meet reliability objectives and of works to adapt premises and public utility networks in constructive terms for the construction of additional pathways
  • Technical perimeter:
    • 2 HTA loops
    • 4 distribution stations
    • Associated rescue means


Following the studies carried out, implementation of an action plan with the identification of network vulnerabilities and solutions to eliminate weaknesses in the customer's electrical distribution architecture:

  • Creation of a new 20kV supply line
  • Creation of a new 5.7Kv distribution system with back-up
  • Modification of the NAL loop (Navigation Aid Loop), creation of a switchboard coupling between NAL loops
  • Proposed phasing of the work

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