Context and challenges

Flamanville 3 is the first EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) project in France. Construction began on this next-generation reactor in 2007.

EPR construction in France will satisfy the need to invest in new production capacities to ensure the security of our energy supply, and is an essential step in preparations to renew the nuclear fleet. The EPR is based on existing techniques. It incorporates all the recent progress that has been made in terms of safety, environmental protection and technical and economic performance,to deliver safe, competitive electricity production with no greenhouse gas emissions.

The client, a major player in the nuclear sector, called on Assystem for a PMO mission on behalf of the FA3 development department.

Project scope

  • Reporting on worksite progress (assembly + testing):
  • Reporting used during the weekly meeting between the project development managers and the general project management team
  • Monthly reporting for the Management Committee - Specific presentations upon request (to clarify specific topics as needed)
  • Implementation of tools to help coordinate the activity work packages (development of Excel tools using VBA to process data and generate indicators)
  • Process engineering support for activity work packages (formalisation of processes)
  • Management of digitalization initiatives at the worksite (introduction of a digitalization committee including management, PMO assistance for the topics covered)
  • Other specific requests

Client benefits

  • Faster and more reliable reporting on activity work packages through the introduction of IT tools
  • Clearer organisational structures through formalised processes
  • Increased productivity through the introduction of digitalization tools

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