A French electricity operator in collaboration with its Irish counterpart, has undertaken the creation of a high-voltage electrical link between France and Ireland, with a capacity of 700 MW. The objective of this initiative is to facilitate a direct exchange of electricity between the two countries, thereby promoting their transition towards a low-carbon energy mix.

A joint subsidiary, the client, has been tasked with the responsibility of constructing two conversion stations, one in France and the other in Ireland. These stations will be linked by a subsea cable, enabling the conversion of alternating current (400 kV) to direct current (320 kV), which is necessary to facilitate bilateral electricity exchanges.

Assystem has been commissioned by the client as Owner Engineer for the design and construction management of the infrastructure for the French converter station.


Owner Engineer services, with intervention in all phases of the project :

  • Support to the client in its relationship with the contractor in charge of the design and construction.
  • Control of the conformity* of the design and construction of the infrastructures and their utilities during the design phase, then during the construction, testing and delivery phases.

* Normative, programmatic, compliance to the operator and eco-design requirements.

  • Close monitoring and reporting to the client of the progress of the design and build contractor from design to delivery.

Expertise skills required by the mission :

  • Earthworks
  • Road works and various networks
  • Structural work
  • Structure
  • Roofed enclosure
  • Electricity High/low current
  • HVAC (Hight Voltage Alternative Current)
  • Plumbing
  • Fire safety
  • Acoustics
  • Finishing work

Client benefits

  • The operation covers a total area of approximately 11 acres.
  • The building housing the electrical process has a surface area of approximately 4,000m² and a height of approximately 19m.
  • The control building of 1300m² houses the control and operating rooms, offices and living areas.
  • Special structures :
    • Rainwater retention basin of 600m3.
    • External boxes housing 4 transformers of 270MVA each.

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