An energy company operating in the UK engaged Assystem to undertake a review and benchmark the capability of the capital program delivery team. Our client needed to enhance its capability to deliver its capital delivery program and meet regulatory requirements to show year on year performance improvement.

Assystem also helped the client to manage its investment plans more effectively, account reliably to its regulator on project delivery performance and achieve improved returns for its shareholders.


  • Review phase: Assystem and our consultants work across a range of industries, disciplines and clients internationally; this puts us in the position of being exposed to a wealth of best practice which individual organisations and projects can benefit from.
  • Recommendation phase: This expertise allows Assystem to develop strategic recommendations which address multiple issues at a root cause level, rather than addressing individual ‘symptoms’.
  • Implementation phase: Once agreement is in place for which recommendations to implement, Assystem’s experience of rapidly implementing lasting change within new organisations comes into action. Assystem take care to identify key stakeholders and implement change at a human level to ensure minimum disruption with maximum positive impact.

Client benefits

  • Provision of methodologies and processes to develop an organisational matrix to identify pitfalls and propose operational corrective actions
  • Consolidation of best practices and recommendations for the client to improve capability and capacity.
  • Project delivery performance
  • Improved returns for project’s shareholders​

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