Project description

As part of the modernisation of its industrial sites, the client has embarked on a digital transformation affecting all the company's businesses and levels. For that, the client developed a program of Factory 4.0 which aims at delivering to the industrial technicenters a centralized hypervision application.

The service provided by Assystem is part of this programme and aims to integrate all the buildings of the site as well as the main process installations (photovoltaic panels, shot blasting machines, air handling units, paint booths) within the hypervision application, thus meeting the new national standards.

The project is divided into several tasks, themselves divided into different phases to meet the client's need to integrate the equipment into the hypervision system in continuous flow.

Project scope

Assystem began by taking charge of the hypervision application, in order to give feedback to the client on the choices made as well as some recommendations.

For the other tasks of the project, the missions are composed of :

  • An on-site workshop with the client and the various stakeholders
  • A study file to validate future developments
  • Integration of the data into the hypervision system
  • Development of the hypervision displays
  • Drafting of platform and site test files
  • Carrying out non-production platform tests
  • Deployment and testing of the installations developed in production
  • Commissioning of equipment by phase
  • Creation of a functional file for the application

Client benefiT

  • The client benefits from a unique hypervision for all its installations and equipment deployed on the industrial technicentres thanks to a standardised application allowing the control and the follow-up of the performance
  • Assystem was able to bring its expertise in industrial data processing and more particularly its competences as a software integrator
  • Assystem also brought its experience on the processes of system deployment during the phases of development and commissioning


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