Context and challenges

This client is a leading group in the nuclear sector.

The programme initiated by this client in 2008, which became a Division dedicated to Information Systems Maintenance and Operation Methods in 2015, aimed to modernise information systems with the objective of industrialising, pooling and standardising maintenance and operation processes for all the entities of the Nuclear and Thermal Production Division (NTPD).

This Division defines and deploys the processes and the associated IS on all the nuclear power plants. It oversees the development of new tools that generate gains by capitalisation of maintenance objects, but also in the field of REX, data updating and their rules of use. This division sets up and animates a network with the trades of each process or participates in existing networks.

Holder of a Framework Contract on this division since 2019 for a period of 5 years (as Assistant to Project Owner), Assystem carried out digital transformation and technical support services. The local organisation set up as a project team allowed productivity gains and offers continuity of service.

Project scope

  • Support to the eWCF Project for the Dematerialisation of Work Completion Files (WCF) which consisted in making digital tablets available to the participants in order to carry out and trace their interventions.
  • Writing of the Operating Nuclear Unit Management Processes, prior to the deployment of the Cockpit software, which eventually made it possible to organise the management of a quarter of the teams dedicated to operating nuclear units.
  • Support for the Configuration Change Control Process (Logging and Lineage...) and the deployment of the AICo software used mainly by the nuclear unit management department.
  • Support to the Operational Engineering project for the Industrialization of the Fleet (OIF) for the preparation and implementation of modifications on the fleet.
  • Support for the Maintenance Programme Industrialisation Project (MPIP).

Client benefices

  • Improvement of the safety of the units in operation and gain in productivity thanks to the tools and processes deployed. For example, the eWCF project allowed:
    • To automate manual gestures and therefore a source of error
    • To reduce NQMO (Non Quality Maintenance and Operation) via a better display, reducing for example the risk of step inversion or more frequent oversights with a paper WCF
  • A good understanding of user needs and the demands for innovation in the field of IS tools, thanks to a presence throughout the Fleet and in all business lines.
  • Involvement of all the players in understanding the complex points of the construction and in sharing the same vision of the project thanks to the production of ad hoc support materials related to the missions mentioned above.

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