Design work for the power installation of a military port

Design Defence France

Context and challenges

This client is a publicly-owned entity that includes several services and manages different infrastructure projects - construction, building maintenance, administrative and technical asset management - for a defence ministry.

This infrastructure project is about a military port and more specifically the complete renovation of the HV (High Voltage) electrical facilities. Within the framework of the project, several operations have been launched or are scheduled in the coming years.

The client called on Assystem for Project Management Consultancy (PMC) assistance in order to receive technical support covering the scope of the project, and in particular for an operation to modernise the HV electrical distribution system.

This PMC engagement covers the following technical scope: HV electricity, instrumentation and control systems, cybersecurity, nuclear safety, civil works/roads and main networks, seismic calculation, lightning.

Project scope

  • Technical assistance throughout the work project for modernisation of HV electrical power distribution, from preliminary design through to guarantee of completion.
  • Issue technical advice for current operations (re-design of HV substations and loops).
  • Analysis of design documents (design notes, electrical wiring diagrams, etc.).
  • Identification of technical inconsistencies with other operations and possible issues with results.
  • PMC programme manager for the launch of 3 electrical re-design operations (creation of an electricity platform and re-design of HV loops).

Client benefits

  • Identification and anticipation of risks thanks to global overview input.
  • Improved technical consistency between electrical re-design operations.
  • Improved efficiency et time management thanks to the provision of Assystem technical specific competencies (instrumentation and control systems, nuclear safety, cybersecurity, etc.).

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