White paper:
How digital technologies can enhance industrial performance

In this white paper, you will find advice from our experts and testimonials from our clients aimed at helping you to take advantage of digital technology, and improve the performance of your projects.


Industrial infrastructure projects are increasing in number and complexity. Complex projects today are faced with stronger economic constraints and must meet increasingly strict safety and security standards. In this context, digital technologies are a formidable lever to not only accelerate the execution of projects but increase performance, control risks and optimise deadlines.

In our white paper “Digital for your industrial performance”  you will discover the feedback from major industrial groups (CEA, EDF, SNCF Réseau…) through use cases and testimonials.

This white paper is the synthesis of our Digital Day 2021, where Assystemgathered the actors of the industrial sector, such as EDF and CEA, around conferences and various technical demonstrations, in order to address the challenges of the digital transformation and the current difficulties of complex projects.


3 benefits from the white paper

Speeding up the performance of infrastructure engineering projects

The developing of bespoke solutions for a rapid return on investment

Better controlling the management of very complex projects


  • Feedback from 9 clients

SNCF Réseau – Systems engineering coupled with digital technology for enhanced performance

CEA –  The DeepFinder search engine at the service of dismantling 

CEA – Digital tools at the service of performance 

Air Liquide – Optimising maintenance management work thanks to a field application 

Dassault Aviation –  Data science to service the digitalisation of an industrial transfer project 

 SOLIDEO – A successful planning and risk management process

SNCF Réseau – Digital technology to plan engineering works on the French rail network

CEA & EDF – PLM and BIM, two digital methods to optimise infrastructure projects 

EDF – Artificial intelligence at the service of demanding engineering

  • Testimonials of digital transformation

Dassault Systèmes – The drivers of digital transformation

EDF – The keys to a successful digital transformation

  • Use cases to discover our digital solutions
We are convinced that the management of digital technologies and industrial data presents a key opportunity to improve the efficiency of complex projects, particularly in terms of completion times and costs. Whether by utilising simulations to anticipate future decisions or automating repetitive tasks with low added value to yield consistent outcomes"
Christian Jeanneau
Senior Vice President in charge of digital activities, Assystem


Our teams advise and support our clients in their digital transformation and throughout the lifecycle of their complex projects, from the scoping, development and integration phases to application maintenance and keeping data and business information systems in operational condition.

White paper Digital for your industrial performance

2022 – PDF format – 28 pages


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