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Discover what the most successful projects and portfolios are doing differently, and how you can enhance your PMO and project management practices.

The report is a global survey of the construction and engineering sectors to understand the latest trends and developments within PMO. There were over 700 responses from professionals working globally on major projects within transport, energy, and urban development projects. The data covers a range of topics, including digital PMO, project controls, skills & capabilities, data management, business intelligence (BI), BIM and diversity & inclusion.

The global data gathered by our survey will serve as a valuable resource for organisations to enhance their operations and drive continuous improvements.


  • 47%
    of projects and portfolios are successful
  • 23%
    of projects and portfolios have teams with all the necessary skills to perform successfully
  • 3.4x
    more confidence in successful delivery when projects and portfolios have full system integration

Report summary


The success of infrastructure projects internationally is essential to delivering the global energy transition. When looking at the success of projects and portfolios, the data indicates that there is significant room for improvement, especially within enhanced project controls and PMO strategies, to obtain greater value from systems and processes and improve efficiency.

Achieving greater value on projects

The data shows overruns on cost are a common occurrence on projects and portfolios, so how can this risk be mitigated while achieving maximum value, especially from digital technology within the PMO? A strategy for this is key, as projects and portfolios were 2x more confident in delivering success when there was a digital delivery plan in place.

The role of digital PMO

Our research shows the future for projects and portfolios is digital. This has been a steady trend over the last five years, with an increasing focus on how digital technology can optimise performance and enhance productivity of projects.

A digital PMO will enhance the management of these complex and time-critical projects. It will help manage risk, stakeholder engagement and performance monitoring with data analytics and reporting.

Today, technological advancements, particularly assets such as digital twins, powerful data-rich dashboards, and artificial intelligence, have the potential to revolutionise project management and turn the tide on the global infrastructure challenge.
Kevin Corcoran, Senior Business Unit Director for Transport and Infrastructure, Assystem

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