Context and challenges

This client is a major player in the nuclear industry, in the construction of new plants and fleet management. This client is managing an internal transformation project, aiming at providing better management of new nuclear projects and work on the existing fleet. This transformation project includes an in-depth update of technical reference documents.

The first step in the project consisted in the implementation of a requirements engineering and economic optimisation method related to support documents intended for supplier technical specifications: technical specifications document and technical rules document.

The client appointed Assystem to provide its expertise in updating the technical engineering reference documents. This assignment is part of the ramping up of requirements engineering activities, to extend it to other types of documents and to industrialise the production of technical specifications and technical rules in requirements engineering format.

Project scope

  • Support for the implementation of requirements engineering methods and tools for writers of technical specifications / rules or other documents through individual coaching:
    • Analysis of requirements and reformulation with analysis of real-life examples.
    • Production of requirements and suggestion of improvements.
    • Pre-validation of documents upstream of deliverable. validation review
  • Support in adaptation of methods.
  • Improvement in expression of requirements and participation in specifications through cooperative workshops.
  • Organisation of meetings to share feedback between writers of technical specifications / rules in requirements engineering, aiming at aligning document writing.

Client benefits

  • Improvement of client teams skills through individual support in writing requirements, with suggestions for improvement and proofreading on a case by case basis.
  • Reduction of over-specifications and inconsistencies through the introduction of an engineering reference framework and simplified management expressing the right requirements.
  • Reduction in costs, shorter supply lead times and reduction in risks concerning new nuclear and fleet projects through alignment with industrial standards.

In figures

  • 18
    documents produced in requirements engineering format
  • 30
    additional documents

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