Context and challenges

In 2018, the department dedicated to the nuclear power plant engineering, decommissioning and environment of a leading nuclear group launched a call for tenders for the study, design, qualification, supply and turnkey installation of a source inverter. The latter is used to supply the spray pump for nuclear reactors with 900 MW units.

The group wanted a new piece of equipment to be designed by an industrial expert in its technical field with the aim of having a prototype that had successfully passed all qualification tests by the end of 2021.

In this context, a SME specialised in the design and production of electro-intensive circuits, but without nuclear experience, called on Assystem to help it carry out the qualification process for its inverter.

This company, associated with Assystem for the qualification part, was selected by the client for this project.

Project scope

For the qualification part Assystem has ensured the following tasks:

  • Drafting of the qualification strategy note
  • Follow-up of preliminary tests - participation in the analysis of non-conformities and possible improvement of the design
  • Drafting of the particular test specification
  • Support for the contractualisation of tests with a laboratory
  • Preparation and participation in the test initiation meeting
  • Monitoring of remote and laboratory tests
  • Monitoring of test reports
  • Drafting of the Qualification Summary Note (NSQ) and the Qualified Materials Sustainability Sheet (QMS)


  • During the tender phase, the partner company improved the acceptability of its offer and was thus selected by the client for this project, by relying on Assystem's expertise in equipment qualification
  • Following this qualification phase, the realisation phase began, for which Assystem has:
    • Defined the qualification strategy for the inverter
    • Proposed the performance of investigative tests for earthquake resistance, which were successfully carried out, thus consolidating the design chosen for the product
  • Subsequently, Assystem carried out the follow-up of the complete qualification test campaign and drafted the qualification summary note.

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