Context and challenges

With more than 8 million daily passengers and continually increasing traffic, the Paris area public transportation system needs to be upgraded and extended in order to meet the ambitions of the Grand Paris program. To meet these demands, the Grand Paris Express project has been launched, the 4th larger infrastructure project in the world in terms of costs.

Société du Grand Paris intends to build a 200 km automated metro network, most of which will be underground, over five lines (14, 15, 16, 17 and 18), with 68 stations and five maintenance sites. It will open up access to a wide range of localities around Paris, connecting the major strategic centres of the Ile-de-France to each other and to Paris.

Société du Grand Paris, project owner of the Grand Paris Express, appointed Assystem as the project management consultant. The project’s main goal is to provide a technical expertise (project management, infrastructures, systems) to reinforce project owner scope, coupled with a consulting expertise.

Project scope

The PROXEMYS consortium, led by Assystem and including Louis Berger and Antea carries out project management activities, digital tools set up and organisational consulting.

PROXEMYS supports the Société du Grand Paris (SGP) in:

  • Managing projects on several fields: infrastructures, systems, geotechnics, constructives approaches, environnement
  • Setting up and integrating full BIM approach for project management directorates; training of teams
  • Setting up configuration management
  • Implementing a Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Facilitating change management, with direct operationnal assistance
  • Establishing SGP data mapping the data
  • Setting up processes and governance for a piloting and integrated reporting system (Project Directories, Board Management, state authorities)
Proxemys team: over 50 FTE


  • Set up of piloting and reporting solutions, on the basis of experience feedback from big projects carried out by Assystem: optimizing of costs, time-periods and risks, and implementation of a dialogue tool for communication with state authorities
  • Improvement of the company organisation and information systems, thanks to our « technical » and « consulting » double expertise and our partnership with Accenture and EY

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