Context and challenges

In May 2010 Russia and Türkiye signed an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) to construct four VVER 1200 MW reactors in Akkuyu at the Mediterranean coast of Türkiye. The expected cost of the project is 20 billion USD and it will be the first nuclear power plant project that will be constructed with the build, own and operate model (BOO). IGA was ratified by the Turkish Parliament in July 2010 and by Russian Parliament in November 2010. In December of the same year, the project company was established and in 2011, site studies were initiated in Akkuyu and its vicinity.

A major construction company managing large infrastructure projects has been appointed as general contractor of the project.
In this context, this client has chosen Assystem to perform the site monitoring works at and around Akkuyu NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) site.

Project scope

  • Continuous seismological monitoring - on site and in the vicinity of the region
  • Continuous aerological/meteorological monitoring
  • Hydrological/oceanographic monitoring: wave, current, seawater level, CTD parameters (conductivity, temperature, depth), etc.
  • Establishment of geodynamic polygon network and repeated measurements
  • Hydrogeological monitoring (level, conductivity, temperature, etc.)
  • Terrestrial and marine environmental monitoring


  • Data to be used to characterize natural site conditions and assess precisely all features of the plant environment for the design of the NPP in order to minimize risks
  • Assessment of possible changes caused by natural or manmade factors during construction and operation of the NPP
  • Data to be used for forecasting the trends of related construction site scopes

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