Context and challenges

The client, a leader in the nuclear sector, has an engineering centre which acts as the responsible designer for the EPR units under construction in England. Amongst its other duties, the engineering centre is responsible for specifying the standard, operational instrumentation and control for French and English EPRs.
The instrumentation and control comprises a group of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and monitoring systems used to control and monitor the unit. It contributes to ensure safety and the smooth functioning of the installation.
One of the steps in the instrumentation and control design phase is the specification and creation of functional diagrams, with information communicated to the operators in control images.
As part of this work, the engineering centre of the client called on Assystem to produce the Detailed Functional Diagrams and the control images for the first configuration status.

Project Scope

  • Produce DFD (Detailed Functional Diagram) for the HPC project capitalising on feedback from experience from FA3 project
  • Validate the DFDs
  • Produce control images
    Integrate system design documents
  • Create breakdown into Instrumentation and Control functional blocks
  • Validate design reviews
  • Validate Detailed Functional Diagrams through simulation
  • Produce a digital design file

The produced DFDs and control images concern 70 elementary systems (electrical, mechanical, HVAC) broken down into three batches.


  • Better quality DFDs through the use of automatic verification tools, ensuring better reliability
  • Validity of client input data consolidated thanks to intermediate meetings between both parties, resulting in increased efficiency
  • Better anticipation of scheduling risks through the introduction of intermediate reviews

in figures

  • 20
    months for studies phase
  • 20
    people in the project team
  • 200
    documents delivered
  • 6,000
    control images
  • 7,000
    pages of functional diagrams

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