Site protection with hypervision of safety systems for a cultural building

Context and challenges

This client, a corporate foundation supporting comtemporary artistic creation, wanted to build a museum dedicated to the promotion of art and culture, situated in Paris. In this context, the client wanted to set up an integrated system for the intelligent management of the building. The objective was to design an innovative solution to manage all the building’s systems with a powerful and intuitive interface.

This client requested Assystem to provide the hypervision system to manage all the alarms and to conduct and control the different technical systems according to pre-defined scenarios.

Project Scope

Assystem created and implemented a hypervision system, integrating solutions usually used in other industries and known for their robustness. 65,000 individual points have been centralised by this system. The project also consisted of developing communication interfaces with the different subsystems and creating various business tools of which a scenario editor and a mobile system for lighting management.

In order to achieve the project, Assystem performed the following tasks:

  • Development of the systems from initial specifications to the start-up and operation
  • Data modelling and interfaces of the BMS and Hypervision
  • Development of the Human-Machine Interfaces for operation
  • Development and integration of the BMS PLC (plumbing, fountains management, lighting, etc.)
  • Platform testing and on site commissioning


  • Successful delivery of a hypervision solution, which takes into account the frequent changes of the system configuration required for each temporary exhibition
  • Inauguration and public opening of the building within the time frame


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