The project is part of the client’s digital transformation programme, initiating the large-scale deployment of the factory of the future through the optimal use of field data. 

The client, an international French industrial group, wanted to improve the process of authorisation for people working on the sites by creating a web platform accessible to external companies. This platform aims to simplify the procedures and administrative management for external companies.

The participants can then pass different security modules and download the authorisations required by the client directly onto the tool.

The client has asked Assystem to implement and provide third-party application maintenance for this web and mobility-oriented digital solution, which is part of their catalogue of safety and security applications.


As part of the development of the application, Assystem carried out the following actions:

  • Implementation of the serverless architecture on AWS
  • Development of the Web application giving access to the management of authorisations
  • Implementation of the interface allowing the export of all the given permissions

From a functional point of view, the application is characterised by:

  • A module for managing companies and participants
  • A training module allowing the validation of skills
  • A document management module (upload / validation)
  • A profile management module (works manager, guard post, etc.)

Client benefits

  • Time saving: the authorisation procedures are entered directly into a digital tool instead of being printed and entered later. In addition, external contributors no longer need to systematically ask the client.
  • Security gain: the tool ensures traceability of authorisations. In addition, thanks to the training module and the document management module, the client can be sure that the participants have provided the necessary documents and have taken the mandatory training courses before entering the site.
  • Compliance with the safety requirements of this type of industrial site.
  • Capitalisation of knowledge thanks to the centralisation of data, the application constituting a unique information channel.

Deployment in 3 continents

  • ASIA
  • UAE

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