Context and challenges

As part of a large countrywide program, this client launched various projects related to the Development of Infrastructure and Facilities in an industrial city for Primary and Downstream Industries.

The client’s mission in this city is to plan, promote, develop & manage intensive industrial cities through successful customer focus and partnerships with investors, employees, communities and other stakeholders.

Within this industrial city, projects include large infrastructure and public facilities in the community and industrial areas. It also includes utilities and extensions to specified locations, upgrading facilities and modifications, expansion or extension to existing facilities, buildings, bridges & different types of structures and many more.

In this context, this client has appointed Assystem to perform engineering and architectural design (conceptual and detailed), specialized studies, consulting, bid preparation and on-site construction support.

Project scope

  • Front end conceptual to detailed engineering & architectural design for different projects ranging from infrastructure (roads, utilities, bridges, treatment plants, pumping stations etc.) to buildings (schools, fire stations, mosques, residential, etc.)
  • Specialized studies including feasibility studies, life cycle cost analyses and other studies for highly specialized
  • Bid management (preparation of bid packages with request for proposal (RFP) documents, bid analysis, bidder query response, input on contract award and contract award recommendations, review of submittals)
  • Issue of construction documents with contribution of experts specialized in their respective technical fields and utilizing state-of-the-art computer software applications
  • Design modifications on existing projects
  • Preparation RFP documents for Procurement and Construction (PC) contracts, bid analysis, contract award and contract award recommendations
  • On-site construction support, and other support services

Client benefits

  • Time and budget compliance thanks to the delivery of fast track works involving local fully dedicated teams for the project
  • Convenience of « one shop stop » services for the client thanks to coordination between Assystem in Saudi Arabia and other international Assystem locations, ensuring a comprehensive approach
  • Significant added value concerning design services and construction support thanks to the extensive experience of Assystem in similar Industrial Cities in KSA


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