context and challenges

The client intended to construct a foot over bridge for pedestrians and cyclists joining the east and west promenades of river Sabarmati between Sardar bridge and Ellis bridge.​​

As Ahmedabad is famous for its international kite festival, the bridge has been designed in the shape of a kite, taking inspiration from its shape and vibrant colours.

From conceptualising and designing to providing construction support, Assystem played a central role in the development of this 300-metre long engineering marvel.

Project Scope

The bridge is unique in its design both technically and visually:​

  • Assystem's teams in India designed tubular structures for the 300m long span, defined correct geometry of the structural members and their intersections, and used kite-shaped tensile fabric panels, which helped shade the bridge given the city's harsh climate
  • Our team catered to all situations for accessing the bridge considering the flood levels of river Sabarmati and the dual levels of the riverfront promenade on the banks of the river
  • With the integration of state-of-the-art PA systems, CCTV and colour-changing architectural lighting, this smart bridge adds to the festivities that take place on the banks of the river


  • This bridge plays a vital role in seamlessly connecting the public activities on the east and west river banks while decreasing the vehicular traffic on the other two bridges
  • It is a contemporary landmark structure that shall stand the test of time and add to the cityscape ​
  • The project was delivered on BIM platform

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