Context and challenges

The rehabilitation and dismantling of old installations is a regulatory requirement in the perspective of sustainable development.

These operations currently concern the old UNGG "Natural Uranium Graphite Gas" type reactors on a nuclear site and in particular the G2 and G3 reactors (40MW power - commissioned from 1959/60 and shut down in 1980 and 84). Before launching the phase related to the dismantling of the naves, this client wanted to demolish the control buildings.

This client called on Assystem for a project management assistance mission in the context of the demolition of UNGG nuclear reactor control buildings.

Project scope

  • Analysis of the execution studies carried out by the contractor, presentation of the summaries of these studies, verification of all the documents transmitted by the contractor (quality assurance plan, procedures, planning, etc.).
  • Assistance in the management of interfaces with the installation and the construction site
  • Assistance in managing the progress of the project (technical assistance in the monitoring of the construction contract).
  • Technical assistance in monitoring waste production, follow-up of discrepancies, facilitation of project progress meetings
  • Analysis of the requirements of the CLS - Local Supervisory Commission - with the installation and the contract holder and description of the means associated with these requirements
  • Updating the safety dossier
  • Execution of the impact study of the fall of a tower crane on the INBS installations - Secret Basic Nuclear Installations (Stripping and MAR400)


  • Compliance with all intermediate milestones over the 17 months of service delivery
  • Start of the firm phase of the works within the deadline with the agreement of the Local Supervisory Commission
  • General compliance with HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) commitments for all parties involved

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