Uzbekistan is working to sustain its economic growth by increasing its electricity generation capacity while working to modernise its national electricity grid. Having set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Uzbekistan is working to diversify its energy mix by increasing supply from renewables electricity sources.

The client need to get a fresh perspective on analyzing power systems according to renewable energy sources and how it will affect power system performance in various situations. Load flow, short-circuit, RMS simulation (Stability Analysis), power quality, and system reliability in the presence of renewable energy sources need to be examined. The aim is also to get support to allow a safe, reliable and stable electrical network.

In this context, the client has mandated the joint-venture UzAssystem to develop a grid model of the country and to develop a database bank which will analyse the impact of new power sources on the country’s grid system.


Assystem chose to use "DIgSILENT PowerFactory” power system simulation software package to achieve the project. This is a software solution providing highly services in the field of electrical power systems for transmission, distribution, generation, industrial plants and renewable energies.

The database contains parameters of electrical networks (including relay protection and automation devices), traditional electrical networks and energy sources, modern central heating equipment, etc. The database bank has to carry out calculations and research on all points. 

  • Development of a power system model of the Republic of Uzbekistan to assist in solving the problems of performing research, calculations on the issues of prospective analysis, design, operation and forecasting. 
  • Development of an interactive geographic map of electrical networks and power plants with reference to the area.
  • Training of our client's employees to be able to work on the DigSilent PowerFactory software, including updating the model

Client benefits

  • Demonstrate that the integration of the renewables and the increase of the installed capacity will have an impact on the grid and will also help to support reliable grid maintenance, thanks to the modeling.
  • Show how the network will operate, providing load-balance analyses and identifying any risks or gaps that present a risk to the network.
  • Knowledge transfer to Uzbekistan electricity providers

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