Context and challenges

This client is a major real-estate developer and a pro-government Arabic daily newspaper publisher in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based in Dammam.

This project dealt with the Dar Al Yaum Tower located in Dammam – Khobar Highway. The commercial building part represented an area of 4,500 square meters and consists of 21-floors (3-under ground basements floor, ground floor, mezzanine floor, 16 floors). Basements and ground floors covered the entire area of the plot which were used for parking and common utilities (water tanks, transformer room). The building had to be certified green building according to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) silver plate certification.

In this context, the client has appointed Assystem as “supervision consultant” to carry out all the responsibilities of construction supervision during the construction stages.


  • Engineering Review, including the application of LEED requirements for the building
  • Procurement Supervision
  • Construction Supervision

Clients benefices

  • Helping the client to achieve Golden LEED certificate by upgrading the building design and construction process to match with LEED requirements.
  • The Tower is one of the few building in Dammam in Saudi Arabia with LEED certificate, which enabled the client to reach its sustainability targets:
    • Water efficiency (implementation of wastewater technologies, water use reduction, etc.)
    • Alternative transportation facilities (bicycle storage, parking capacity, etc.)
    • Optimized energy performance (enhanced commissioning & refrigerant management, measurements and verifications, etc.)
    • Indoor environmental quality (increased ventilation, low-emitting materials, etc.)
  • Time and money savings for the client, thanks to high quality construction management services


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