Context and challenges

In order to maintain its competitiveness and foster innovation, this French railway company client wished to develop a railway BIM; the digital model is in fact particularly useful for enhancing knowledge of the railway network. The client introduced pilot projects to initiate the process and obtain feedback about the railway BIM, in order to develop the tool nationally in the coming years.

As part of the BIM development work and the new work methods, the client's engineering team identified a pilot project: the creation of new platform access points at the Lyon Part Dieu train station from Avenue Pompidou. The work covered a surface area of 15,000 m².

According to studies, these new access points would reduce passenger flow by 20 %, ensure that passengers are more evenly distributed along the platform and ease congestion in the station's main hall.

The client called on Assystem to support its implementation of the BIM at its engineering unit.

Project scope

  • Technical assistance in the creation of BIM models (workflow, processes, templates etc.) for multi-sector interfaces
  • Project studies modelling to establishing work contract
  • Dynamic project scheduling management based on project studies (MS Project templates)
  • Conflict management and mock-up reviews
  • Extraction of quantitative data for consolidation of written tender documents
  • Immersive communication tools (communication and external information campaigns)
  • Contribution to setting up a suitable and functional work organisation
  • Capitalisation and feedback on existing systems and their evaluations

Client benefits

  • Skills development and better structuring of client work teams for BIM
  • Risk reduction for:
    • Verification of structure positions with respect to train tracks
    • Work scheduling at an active site

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