Context and challenges

This client is a major player in the nuclear sector. In the context of increasing digitalization, the client wished to introduce, within nuclear power plants, an application solution enabling the dematerialisation of activities for fire protection sectorisation and maintenance follow-up of sectorisation components.

This application was intended to:

  • Improving protection significantly
  • Presenting a detailed mapping of active worksites in case of emergency assistance
  • Coordinating, sharing and logging work performed on feedthroughs

The client appointed Assystem to design and build this ergonomic application solution to be integrated within the existing IT system.

Project Scope

Assystem developed and deployed the application, iteratively and in incremental mode, performing the following tasks, following an AGILE approach:

  • Functional design work and drafting of specifications
  • Design and implementation of solution with seamless integration in client's existing IT architecture
  • Use of recommended technical architectures as framework
  • Compliance work on drawings used by solution
  • Compliance with trade and safety requirements to improve risk management

Client Benefits

  • More reliable data on status of facilities by centralising data and using a single information channel
  • Quicker response times (consolidation of data), with identification of worksites and location of walls by reading the functional ID markings in QR Code
  • Improved safety, security and quality for service work
  • Gain in productivity (time savings, capitalisation on experience in the field, automatic processing of surveillance data, no duplicate data entry)

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