Design and construction supervision of water transportation infrastructures

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Context and challenges

This client is a major mining company, the largest multi-commodity mining and metals company in the Middle East. It has been established by Royal Decree with a mandate to develop Saudi Arabia’s minerals sector as the third pillar of Saudi industry, beyond Oil & Gas and petrochemicals.

This company focuses its activity on the production of gold, phosphate, aluminium, copper and industrial minerals.

In order to expand its growing activity and production, this client, required to built a water transportation network from the NWC plant (National Water Company) in Taif to the client’s mine sites across Saudi Arabia. The project included 500 Kilometers of water pipeline from Taif to four different locations across central and southern regions of Saudi Arabia, two pumping stations, pumping 10,000 m3/day of treated water to process gold ore, five storage facilities of 40,000 m3 capacity, etc.

This client has appointed Assystem to provide the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) and construction supervision as part of Project Management Consulting services.

Project scope

  • Design of 2 pump stations (transfer & master pump station) each capacity of 10,000m3/day (design include HVAC - heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, Plumbing & drainage and storm water system)
  • Design of 5 storage facilities 10,000 m3 each at 4 mine sites & 40,000 m3 at the master pump station
  • Design of 18”, 14” & 12” diameters structures for the 500 km of pipeline from Taif to four mine sites (Ar-Rjum, As-Suq, Mansourah-Massarrah and Ad-Duaihi) including hydraulic, surge analysis and stress analysis
  • Perform air-release valve, pressure relief valve, pressure reducing valve and wash-out valve sizing calculations
  • Design two 13.8 Kva substations at each master pump station and transfer pump station which include transformers, switchgears and MCC (Motor Control Center). Design lighting, power, grounding UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), emergency diesel power generator and fire & smoke detection system
  • Design SCADA and PLC’s system which include control system consoles, marshalling cabinet, continuous monitoring of process parameters such as level, pressure, flow etc. together with alarm set points and flow totalizing for display on two operator station monitors
  • Design OSP (Outside Plant) (FOC - Fiber Optic Cable network) of 500km from Taif to Ad-Duaihi along with water pipeline to establish communication networks for Voice, Video and data link for four mine sites


  • Global monitoring from Central Control Room of all the four mines and the complete water pipeline thanks to PLC/SCADA system
  • Significant amount of Ground Water Savings (10,000 m3/day) achieved with this water transportation structure
  • Achievement by the client of its target concerning supplying treated water from National Water Company (NWC) in Taif to four (4) mine sites (achievement in 3.5 years of time, as required by the client)

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