A "zero tolerance" policy

We are convinced that this is not a matter of privacy, but of reality. The figures speak for themselves*.

1 in 2 LGBT+ people say they have at least once decided not to discuss their sexual orientation at work.
1 in 2 LGBT+ people are still invisible in their professional environment.

*Source: IFOP survey "How the French view homosexuality and the place of LGBT people in society", 2020.

It is therefore essential that we address this issue, so that we can offer everyone the opportunity to work together, in complete authenticity, in a healthy and caring work environment.


  • Identification of key contacts ready to act in case of inappropriate behaviour

  • Leading a community of LGBT+ ambassadors within the company

  • Information and training: to make progress on the subject, we first need to understand it. Many communications, conferences and workshops are organised throughout the year.

All these actions help to ensure that LGBT-phobic comments, which may lead to exclusion, rejection and isolation, have no place in our company.

Our belief: diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice. So let's act!

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