System Engineering


Why use decision-making tools in system engineering?

The creation of complex infrastructures requires the implementation of many systems, sub-systems and equipment with numerous interfaces and the involvement of multiple trades (civil engineering, IT, instrumentation & control, electricity, mechanical etc.). These large-scale projects are subject to strict regulatory requirements and System Engineering is essential for scheduling, supervision and management.

Introduced over a decade ago in the defence, aviation and automotive sectors, System Engineering has proven to be widely effective. This method has slashed the time it takes to design and bring to market a new vehicle model, from five to two years. It was introduced recently for the construction of complex infrastructures and it is now in widespread use.

Using System Engineering makes it possible to ensure that the system respects the needs and the limitations of the customer, to better control the project's technical risks. It also enables to improve productivity and quality by sharing reliable and accessible information. It can make the construction and testing phases more secure, by avoiding modifications made late in the process and thereby better manage progress and costs. Platform and Asset Life Management technologies ensure a more efficient integration of the supply chain in projects, and make it possible to provide the operator with models that can help optimise infrastructure operations.

complex infrastructures

Our approach

For new constructions, Assystem actively implements System Engineering from the outset of the initial structural design phase, in order to limit or even completely avoid modifications during the construction phase, which are always more lengthy and costly. Assystem also offers operators reverse engineering processes and tools, making it possible to use existing assets to build models that evaluate the impact of modifications and optimise operation and maintenance.

Assystem prides itself on being a provider of technical, methodological and organisational solutions; we propose hands-on and pragmatic operational coordination, ensuring in particular the consistency between System Engineering process and the implementation of PLM (Product Life cycle Management)/ALM (Asset Life cycle Management) tools.

Assystem can adapt its services to the precise goals and expectations of its clients, by developing optimised and proven solutions. The group takes care to include each and every client requirement, without however generating “excess quality” that creates extra costs with no added value.


Our assets

infrastructure engineering

Complex infrastructures

In-depth knowledge of processes and methodologies used to coordinate complex infrastructure projects in different areas of activity, in order to manage smoothly the "changeover" to SE management.

construction site infrastructures

Multidisciplinary expertise

In particular for the construction of infrastructures: mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & control systems, information systems, civil engineering etc.

nuclear engineering

Management of complex projects

Management of complex projects with stringent safety requirements and regulatory restrictions.

Industrial cybersecurity

Mastery of tools

PLM/ALM, BIM (Building Information Modelling), 3D, 4D, xD modelling, project management and scheduling tools.

Our solutions


Deployment of system engineering methods

Control over requirements, PBS (Plant Breakdown Structure), interface management, change management, definition of key roles etc.


Product life cycle management


Digitalisation of primary processes and engineering workflows


Implementation of tools

PLM/ALM, BIM, xD modelling, consistent with system engineering processes


Assistance with change management

Training, project coordination etc.

Our projects

r&d nucléaire
Digital engineering Nuclear

System engineering approach for defense and nuclear R&D projects

Ingénierie des Exigences
Digital engineering Nuclear

Requirements Engineering and Systems Engineering for framework

traitement des déchets nucléaires
Digital engineering Nuclear

Systems engineering for a nuclear waste treatment facility

System Engineering power plant
Digital engineering Nuclear

Deployment of System Engineering for a nuclear power plant project

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