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For more than 55 years, we have supported our customers in project management, supervising the design, construction and commissioning of complex and highly regulated infrastructures.

Faced with technical, economic, environmental and safety requirements, we mobilise multidisciplinary teams, tools, processes and methodologies to manage the complexity of these projects to optimise performance, costs and completion lead times.

Our global offering in Project Management Consultancy (PMC) is designed to meet the challenges of our customers at every stage of their projects, by leveraging proven digital tools adapted to the context.

We provide our customers with a genuine project management benchmark: tools, processes and methodologies/processes to manage and optimise progress on their complex projects.


Global offer in project management (PMC) or unit offers:

  • Project management
  • Configuration management
  • Design supervision
  • Supply chain supervision
  • Construction supervision
  • Testing and commissioning supervision

Digital—an effective driver of competitiveness—accelerates project execution, boosts performance, enables risk control and optimises lead times. To address these challenges and support our customers throughout their project lifecycle, we structure our digital offering into three main areas: Consulting (Listening & Audit), Methodology (Strategy & Modelling) and Integration (Implementation & Support).

Learn more about our digital offerings to serve your project management needs (PPM integration, bespoke offerings and solutions, data automation and recovery, PLM integration, Modelling & simulation, BIM 4D, 5D (xD), etc.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Ensuring coordination of complex projects in highly regulated environments often requires implementation of Project Management Office tools and project platforms, in liaison with the project management team. We leverage our teams of experts in project management, particularly our specialists in France, ECP or in the UK. These centres of excellence constantly extend our scope of expertise and integrate the latest innovations to optimise project management methods and solutions (BIM 4D, data science, agile management, etc.).

Our offering and our PMO solutions:

Project control and management

  • Cost control and investment
  • Programme project portfolio management
  • Planning management​
  • Risk management
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)

Quality/compliance system

  • Monitoring and management of quality processes​
  • Integration of safety/security/environmental requirements​
  • Document management

Contract management

  • Contract strategy ​
  • Contract drafting and management​
  • Claims management​
  • Procurement

System engineering support​

  • Functional analysis​
  • Value management​
  • Performance, interface and configuration management

Configuration management

Configuration management covers all stages of the technical description of a project including integration of changes. Within the framework of complex projects involving many different players, or even for joint ventures, configuration management is essential to track changes applied to the installation.

From technical description of a project to integration of changes

At the project management level, configuration management involves a range of tools and methodologies to track requirements, as well as benchmark technical data available to all project players:

  • PLM tools (Product Lifecycle Management)​
  • MBSE solutions
  • BIM templates


We support our customers in the identification, development and implementation of these solutions, whether turnkey or bespoke, depending on the specificities of each project and their requirements.

Ensuring project compliance at every stage of the lifecycle

We deploy configuration management for complex infrastructure projects via the use of tools and methodologies designed to ensure project compliance with the requirements of the contracting party.

For our customers with complex infrastructure projects (nuclear, transport, defence, etc.), configuration management tackles several goals:

  • Ensuring the traceability of all project system data, throughout the execution of the programme
  • Sharing infrastructure and system data upstream and monitoring of the installation
  • Facilitating sharing of validated and coherent information with all players involved in the programme and, further out, with operators and maintenance personnel


Thanks to our expert system engineers, we strive to ensure optimum configuration management using digital technologies to provide a shared and reliable technical data benchmark that can be used throughout the project lifecycle.

Monitoring design

As part of our PMC offering, we also provide our customers with services covering the monitoring of the design phase of their project; from the preliminary reports to the detailed design, all in compliance with the requirements set out in project specifications.

This support requires the following stages:

  • Supervising the companies involved in the design:
    • Scheduling
    • Verification of technical documentation
    • Identification and resolution of intrusive and non-compliant points
  • Assessment of the design compared with the requirements of the contracting party
  • Use of system engineering to digitalise and optimise planning, management and monitoring of the design project

You can also check out our system engineering and design offering to learn more about our competencies in terms of defining and designing complex projects.

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