Siting & permitting

Assystem offers engineering and environmental services, especially site engineering in the energy, industries and transportation sectors.


In a post-Fukushima context, safety & environmental issues have never been so challenged in the Nuclear industry. Consequently, adaptation of plant and demonstration of compliance to ever-tighter levels of safety and environmental legislation is an ongoing obligation for the industry.

Clients need swift and secure access to geographical information on projects. Evaluation of environmental and social impacts of projects is essential in order to put in place the necessary measures to remedy and/or minimize those impacts. For instance, seismological and seismotectonic surveys are one of the most important studies especially for the design of nuclear power plants all around the world.

Beyond the nuclear sector, these issues are also crucial in other sectors: buildings and construction, infrastructures, renewables energies, transportation…

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Our approach

Assystem has been providing top-notch engineering and project management services for over 50 years. It offers engineering and environmental services, especially site engineering, in the energy, industries and transportation sectors.

We offer geographic information services for various national and international projects with the latest technology equipment and an experienced team. We have a dedicated siting & permitting expertise center in Turkey (Assystem Envy) which has experience in full scope site engineering services using International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards during pre-design and design stages of nuclear power plants. We are also experienced in using high technology for site and route selection and evaluation of selected sites/routes for sensitive engineering projects (pipelines, power plants including nuclear, landfills, etc.).

Assystem also performs ESIA (environmental and social impact assessment) studies as well as environmental management, permits and licenses requirements to provide conformity to the national and international legislations of our clients’ projects.

Our assets

Strong establishment in the Middle East

International standards and reporting mastering

Cooperative & international working environment

Multi-sector skills

Our solutions


Geographic Information System (GIS Applications)

Urban information system, urban natural gas distribution, topographical mapping, mobile applications


Site Engineering

Site/route selection and evaluation with various types of studies: geotechnical, geological, geophysical, hydrogeological, seismic, ecological, marine, and meteorological


Impact assessment: EIA/ESIA/ESHIA

Evaluation of the environmental and social impacts arising from the projects by considering economic and social developments, environmental values and social structure Delivery of services including the necessary measures to be taken to remedy and/or minimize those impacts


Environmental management

Preparation of plans for environmental monitoring, pollution prevention, biodiversity management, water management, occupational health & safety management…


Environment Planning

Environmental due diligence studies


Permits & Licenses

Preconstruction phase, construction phase, operation phase, permits and incentives