Nuclear safety


Demonstrations of nuclear safety, along with compliance with associated legal requirements and commitments, are a key factor in the success of nuclear systems and infrastructure projects.
The legal requirements imposed by safety authorities bestow increasing responsibilities on nuclear operators, along with all the subcontractors further down the line. Their technical capabilities must therefore be demonstrated and the work must meet the most stringent criteria in terms of quality, transparency and traceability.

Faced with these requirements, all players in the nuclear sector must implement programmes to further develop a safety culture that goes well beyond the simple training courses that have existed in the past. It is essential to associate nuclear safety issues with the work of the other trades involved as far upstream as possible in work project phases. If not, nuclear safety requirements may shed doubt on the selected technical solutions and even weaken the overall work project.

Fuel cycle

Our approach

Involved from the outset in commissioning, operational support and the design of nuclear facilities in compliance with French regulations, Assystem project teams fully integrate the fundamental concept of nuclear safety.
Assystem’s unique position among the major nuclear operators throughout the nuclear chain, from design to dismantling, gives our project teams a global view of all safety issues. The nuclear safety specialists at Assystem interface daily with other project trades, enabling them to anticipate difficulties and share the fundamental concepts of the safety culture.
In order to improve the quality of services by sharing experiences, Assystem has at its disposal a specialised nuclear safety organisation, overseen by the nuclear risk control department. The goal is to help reduce operational and regulatory risks taken by nuclear operators, as part of the nuclear safety expertise delivered by Assystem.

Our assets

Safety culture

A questioning attitude and a rigorous, cautious approach, strengthened by design and operation-maintenance feedback.

protection nuclear construction site

Project culture

Integration of safety issues in project management through constructive dialogue between trades.

nuclear engineering

Multiple-sector expertise

Overall experience of the fuel cycle and facilities at all project stages.

construction site infrastructures


Technological and regulatory intelligence, making it possible to use customer baselines or individual methodologies tailored to client needs.

cyber attack

Our solutions


Analysis of probabilistic and deterministic risks

Safety demonstrations


Scientific computations

Simulation as part of attack studies, etc.


On-site studies

Site investigations – assessment of labour, organisational and human factors


Nuclear compliance assessment

Safety monitoring during construction phase


Nuclear safety-related testing

Transfer to active state - commissioning


Waste management

Analysis of scenarios and organisation of transport

expert talks

Nuclear engineering goes digital

"The current issue is to implement a new, interoperable, pooled data repository in order to ensure better project management and imagine new approaches to operation and maintenance. "

Robert PLANA
Chief Technology Officer

Our projects

gestion déchets nucléaires

Design work for waste management at nuclear plant

déploiement plm

Studies and implementation of PLM for a dismantling

construction supervision ITER project
Project management

Construction supervision for ITER project

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