Instrumentation and control systems


With the increasing use of digital applications in industry, the complexity of industrial systems has increased considerably over the past few decades. Instrumentation & Control systems help meet the growing needs of industrialists for the coordination and security of their facilities. In light of new technological developments, they must also make it easier to gather operational feedback which can be used to improve industrial performance.

In a world where everything is connected and vulnerable to attack, and where requirements are increasingly rigorous with respect to security and return on investment, control over automation and surveillance at industrial facilities is now as essential as quality control.

All operations can now be tracked, workshops are increasingly adaptable and maintenance has become more predictive.

Instrumentation & Control systems make it possible to control, monitor and command equipment in normal operating mode and if incidents or accidents occur. I&C must first and foremost ensure that the required performance levels are met, while complying with standards to guarantee safety and security throughout the life cycle of installations.


Our Approach

For the past 50 years, Assystem has been an active player in industrial Instrumentation & Control systems. We have experience with the most complex infrastructures in terms of operational safety and security in highly regulated working environments (nuclear, rail transport, pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

We’ll be at your side throughout the life cycle of your Instrumentation & Control projects, both for operational and security aspects, and for new and existing facilities. Starting with initial system specifications and through to Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC), we can help with the design, integration, validation, commissioning and maintenance phases.

We offer turn-key solutions and Project Management Consulting (PMC) and assistance.

Our assets

Expertise in OT

Historic know-how in automation technologies (Instrumentation & Control systems, robotics, SCADA, industrial computering, instrumentation and electronics)

GTB exploitation batiments

"Overall security" approach

Cybersecurity for Instrumentation & Control architectures and operational security (protection of data, individuals, industrial equipment and the environment)

protection des données

Multiple-sector expertise

Expertise in industrial processes, management solutions for system and software development cycles, in-depth knowledge of standards and regulations in all sectors (nuclear, transport, pharmaceutical industry, etc.)

sites industriels

Independent from technology

Independent from technology providers and market Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions providers


Our solutions


Design and specification of secure and complex architectures


Functional safety study


Revamping and re-engineering of obsolete Instrumentation & Control systems


Programming of PLCs and SCADA software (Supervision) / DCS


Instrumentation and Electronics




Verification and Validation (V&V)


Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC)


Rétro-ingenierie station épuration
Industrial control systems Industries

Reverse engineering for instrumentation and control systems of sewage treatment plant

MCO system contrôle commande
Industrial control systems Nuclear

MOC for instrumentation & control systems of nuclear power plants

Système du contrôle-commande nucléaire
Industrial control systems Nuclear

Instrumentation and control systems specifications for EPRs

control systems ITER
Safety Nuclear

Functional safety for ITER project instrumentation and control systems

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