Contracts and supply chain management

Assystem uses a functional approach to the supervision and management of the Supply Chain, to improve the performance of industrial infrastructures.


As industrial operators must deal with a variety of standards on international markets, the increasing constraints of local integration and the constant search for competitiveness often lead project owners and project management to change supply chains from one project to another and one region to another.

Consequently, principals are facing new challenges: manage the skills improvement of participants, integrate new frameworks for their existing subcontractors who are constantly changing and manage the impact of changes in different cultural and contractual environments.

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Our approach

Based on our international experience and functional approach, Assystem supports principals right from the work package allocation phase, to make sure their outsourcing strategy matches the actual capacities of the supply chain. Assystem supports and manages subcontractors in raising their skill levels and delivers technical coordination for the project (interfaces and configuration). Although the contractual agreements remain the responsibility of the principals, Assystem manages the contracts in technical and legal terms. In this respect, Assystem recommends the use of contractual agreement templates proposed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) for their reliability, balance and enforceability under employment law in the vast majority of countries around the world.

Our assets

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Our solutions


Assessment of suppliers and providers


Technical and legal management of FIDIC contracts


Skills development and upgrade of equipment, processes, HR


Inspection and verification of suppliers and providers


Digitalization of management modes

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