Looking back on the Innovation Challenge 2023 final at Assystem

The Innovation Challenge is the Assystem Group's internal competition aimed at strengthening the culture of innovation within the company.

Called "Switch and Imagine our Future", the 2023 edition of the Innovation Challenge rewarded three teams of Switchers across three countries.

Innovation to support the energy transition

9 August 2023

Supported by Assystem's Imagine the Switch innovation programme, the Innovation Challenge is a competition open to all Assystem Group employees and designed to strengthen the company's innovation culture. Each year, the Challenge provides the winners with the resources they need to develop their project.

Called "Switch and Imagine our Future", Assystem's Innovation Challenge took place in early 2023 with a theme in line with the Group's Switch On brand identity: innovation to support the energy transition.

Employees could compete in teams of three to five people in one of the Challenge's categories:

  • Category 1: Measuring and optimising our transition
  • Category 2: Putting the transition at the heart of our projects
  • Category 3: Innovation projects supporting the energy transition with a customer or a partner

An international final

After a competition that brought together 90 Switchers in 28 teams from three countries - France, India, and the UK - the final of the Innovation Challenge 2023 took place on 27 June during Assystem's top management seminar in the presence of Dominique Louis, Assystem's CEO. The six finalist teams had 10 minutes to present their projects and convince the judges.

At the end of the vote, 3 teams won:

Category 1: Measuring and optimising our transition - Team composed of Riccardo Cocci, Zakaria Bouhoun and José Ricardo Duarte Garcia

AI2Switch project: artificial intelligence solution that tracks, forecasts and reduces the carbon footprint of digital applications. The aim is to enable Assystem and its customers to understand and minimise their environmental impact while improving their digital operations.

Category 2: Putting transition at the heart of our projects - Team composed of Rupesh Kumar, Amit Jain, Victor Richet and Shurbi Zutshi

PropoSensei project: an artificial intelligence solution that extracts and summarises key information from a bid document in order rationalise the process of drawing up bid proposals and improve the quality of these proposals.

Category 3: Innovation projects supporting the energy transition with a customer or partner - Team composed of Bruno Mota, Iain Cameron, Paula Mota, Karla Roel and David Morris

Digital Data Specification and Validation (DDSV) project: a solution aimed at proposing a methodology for specifying and validating the AIM (Asset Information Model) metadata to be included in a 3D model. All of which will ultimately improve productivity.

Congratulations to all the participants in this 2023 edition and especially to the three winning teams, whose projects will soon be deployed within the company!

Quote from the PropoSensei team: "The Innovation Challenge is a great opportunity to bring visibility to teams and ideas. It also enables us to put innovation at the forefront of our activities and to take a step back from our day-to-day professional lives. Last but not least, it’s a fantastic way of getting teams from different disciplines and backgrounds to work together."

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