23 May 2024

The energy transition is a lifeline for addressing the global climate emergency, and AI is essential for navigating this journey. That’s why we’re making our 2024 Imagine the Switch competition all about AI! 

AI applications can be used to slow down the impact of climate change and accelerate progress towards a low-carbon economy by having access to real time and accurate data. In fact, AI-powered systems can support better decision making, whilst identifying necessary areas for project improvement, leading to substantial cost savings and greater project efficiencies.  

This year’s dynamic programme is intended to invite competitive AI solutions that will bring efficiencies to today’s vital energy, transport and infrastructure projects.  A key element of this programme is skills development and talent management, and our competition seeks to champion students who feel passionate about using their knowledge as project managers to positively impact the world around them. 

A low carbon future cannot be reached without strategic solutions to project performance, which is why Assystem is committed to championing new and exciting talent through challenging the next generation of project experts right into the centre of today’s project dilemmas!  

Improving project performance through competition  

The climate emergency requires an acceleration in energy transition programmes, and with ever-increasing performance challenges (costs and commissioning times), engineering, digital and project management services lie at the heart of project performance issues, with the need to carry out more projects using limited resources.  

The 2023 Imagine the Switch applicants found the competition to be extremely useful for developing their project management skills and building their confidence as presenters. In fact, Ashlie Ball, winner of our 2023 Imagine the Switch competition said:

The competition provided an excellent platform to showcase ideas, and the act of presenting itself was a standout moment for me. This experience significantly boosted my confidence in presenting and I am really looking forward to my work placement at Assystem this year.

The 2024 challenge: Leveraging AI Applications

With the boom of AI applications optimising resource allocation, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing project progress, Assystem is calling for students to imagine how they can use real-world AI solutions to help accelerate the switch to low-carbon energy solutions.

Applicants can propose a solution, piece of existing software or technology, or numerical technique that can be used in real projects. While there's no obligation to generate a new project, the idea must maintain coherence and realism. This includes examples such as Machine Learning (ML) or the Internet of Things (IoT) that can be incorporated into projects, highlighting their applicability within a business context.

Participants will be tasked with addressing key questions to formulate their proposals:

  • What are the benefits of your proposal?
  • Does your proposal consider real-world application of AI?
  • How does your solution create an accelerating factor in the switch to low-carbon energy sources?
  • How will your proposal drive efficiency and meet safety and security standards around AI? 

How to participate

Applications for the 2024 submissions are open here. The competition is open to undergraduates studying in a UK University and can participate individually or in teams of up to four members. To get involved applicants must submit a concise application outlining their proposal by September 20th.

Please read the Terms & Conditions and challenge criteria before you begin your application. Shortlisted finalists will be notified by October 25th and invited to deliver a presentation at the Project Control Expo on November 5-6th.

If you have any questions regarding the competition or would like to submit supporting information to accompany your application, please email: its@assystem.com

Rewarding success 

Competition finalists will be granted tickets to attend the industry-leading Project Controls Expo on the 5-6th November, and the winning team will receive a £2,000 cash prize and work placement opportunities for each team member with the company, scheduled for 2025. 

Project managers can stand out and improve project performance by strategically incorporating AI solutions. That’s why we have framed our 2024 Imagine the Switch competition around how AI systems can help drive project management efficiencies – which is all critical to accelerating the switch to low-carbon energy. After the success of our 2023 competition launch, we are excited to see how applicants take on leveraging real-world AI applications to make a tangible impact on the trajectory of energy transition initiatives. We look forward to seeing a range of brilliant ideas over the coming months!
Kevin Corcoran Assystem’s Senior Business Unit Direct for Project Management and Consulting in the UK

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