30 May 2024

New collaboration is a long-term investment in the UK’s nuclear workforce. 

Assystem, a globally renowned leader in engineering, digital, and project management services, with almost 60 years of experience in the delivery of nuclear power programmes, has become a key partner in a new Alliance of engineering companies that will support EDF EPR Engineering in delivering Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C.

The new Alliance includes Assystem, AtkinsRealis, Jacobs and Vulcain Engineering as key partners.

As part of the Alliance, Assystem will utilise its unique experience in new generation reactors, particularly in the design of the EPR, to lead on the power plant’s engineering design maturity, that will be replicated on, and drive efficiency for, the construction of Sizewell C. The team is also involved with field engineering, drawing on its expertise in digital, to accelerate the construction and commissioning of Hinkley Point C. 

The Alliance has been created to orchestrate collaboration between the four key partners and EDF EPR Engineering, with the aim of delivering exceptional value, through enhanced efficiency, investment, and collaboration.  

As complex infrastructure, nuclear power plants require skills across the engineering, trades, and professional services spectrum, representing economic eco-systems that offer high value careers for decades. To sustain such demand engineering companies must make long-term investments to train and recruit skilled people to ensure their availability in years to come. 

The Alliance will support the supply chain to make these strategic investments with confidence and this will create a solid plan for careers in nuclear that will help to attract more people to work in the sector and stimulate more apprenticeships, re-training programmes and graduate opportunities.

Together the low-carbon electricity produced by both power plants will deliver 14% of the UKs electricity needs, delivering power to 12 million homes for up to 60 years.  

The Alliance represents a milestone moment for the delivery of Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C in the UK. This new alliance will support collaboration between the main companies and Assystem is a committed partner in this mission and in the overall investment in the UK’s nuclear sector, that will be the bedrock of the country’s energy transition programme.
Andy Bedford Assystem’s UK Nuclear New Build Senior Business Unit Director

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