9 June 2023

The Assystem team will feature at Booth C1 at this year’s Nuclear Power Plants Expo and Summit (NPPES) in Istanbul, Türkiye on June 21-22, 2023. As one of the top three nuclear engineering firms globally, Assystem brings its extensive experience in the nuclear sector to the forefront of this prestigious event.

Showcasing Role at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Digital Methodology

The Assystem team will showcase their role at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, where its teams are currently involved in construction supervision activities as the site’s independently appointed Nuclear Construction Inspection Organisation (NCIO). Assystem is also an industry leader in the application of digital methodology to the design and construction of power plants, and Assystem’s teams will be available to discuss the potential for project acceleration through digital with visitors to the stand.

Supporting Energy Transition and Expertise in Siting and Environmental Services

Assystem is committed to supporting clients with their energy transition projects, and the event will also showcase the expertise of its Türkiye-based specialist teams in siting and environmental services, which have supported many new solar plants in Türkiye, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Kerem Sadiklar, Assystem’s Director for Türkiye & Central Asia, said: "We are thrilled to participate in the Nuclear Power Plants Expo and Summit and showcase Assystem's expertise in nuclear engineering. As a global leader in the field, we are committed to accelerating the energy transition and optimizing the performance of complex infrastructure assets worldwide. This event provides an excellent platform to exchange knowledge, foster collaborations, and demonstrate our innovative solutions. We invite attendees to visit our booth and engage with our Switchers experts to learn more about our projects and our dedication to shaping a sustainable future."

Optimizing Performance of Complex Infrastructure Assets

With over 55 years of operation in highly regulated sectors, where safety and security are paramount, Assystem offers a comprehensive suite of engineering and project management services, along with innovative digital solutions. The company's primary mission is to optimize the performance of complex infrastructure assets throughout their life cycle, contributing to the advancement of the global energy transition.

Assystem's team of 6,500 experts operates in 12 countries and actively supports the energy transition worldwide. Their expertise spans the development of low-carbon electricity, encompassing both production and distribution, through the expansion of nuclear energy and renewable energy technologies across the globe.

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