Assystem is a Platinum Sponsor at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE)

26 October 2023

As a long-standing Platinum Sponsor of the WNE, Assystem is reaffirming its commitment and desire to advance nuclear energy on a global scale at the 5th World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), to be held from 28-30 November at Paris Villepinte - Parc des Expositions.

With nearly 60 years of experience in engineering, project management and digital services, Assystem plays a key role in the safe, efficient and competitive development of nuclear infrastructures, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change.

Currently ranked among the top 3 nuclear engineering companies in the world, Assystem's experts are supporting the energy transition in the 12 countries where the Group operates.

Highlights of Assystem's programme at WNE

For this year's event, Assystem will stand out with a programme packed with presentations highlighting its expertise and vision for the future of the nuclear industry.

Assystem will chair a panel discussion on the theme of "Construction Management". Stéphane Aubarbier, Chief Operating Officer of Assystem, will bring together renowned experts to discuss the importance of nuclear power in the global energy transition and the keys to success for the construction of the new nuclear programmes to come.

Equally exciting topics will be presented by our Assystem experts in Workshops such as:

  • Intelligent site selection for small modular reactors (SMRs) using a safe and resilient approach combined with artificial intelligence, by Onur OZTUNGER, Gizem OZDEN et Frédéric CHENEAU. View the infographic
  • The use of a bespoke digital twin to provide reliable, centralised and contextualised information during the construction phase, structuring the contractual and technical data, by Riccardo COCCI and Ekaterina TATLIEVA. View the infographic
  • The creation of a sustainable learning environment using artificial intelligence to give newcomers rapid access to the knowledge and feedback accumulated over the decades, by Victor RICHET. View the infographic

Finally, throughout the event, Assystem will be offering immersive demonstrations on its stand J054 to highlight the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in the nuclear sector. This will be an opportunity to discover the impact of these technologies (virtual reality and augmented reality) on the construction and maintenance phases, as well as on training in the nuclear industry.

Opportunities for students and job seekers

For the first time, during the three days of the show, WNE will be welcoming students and job seekers interested in the nuclear industry to the "Connect to nuclear" area. Numerous conferences, testimonials and meetings with recruiters and industry experts will be held in this area. Assystem will also be present at this attraction zone to showcase its exciting professions and the careers of its "switchers" committed to the energy transition, offering these people the opportunity to learn more about the sector and its prospects.

The Assystem programme at a glance


    11h00-11h15: Discover the exciting job of an Assystem Switcher (WNE nuclear connect zone)

    12h30-13h30: Cocktail reception (Assystem's stand)

    14h30-15h00: Surprises are for birthdays not for complex projects: How digital Twin can unveil the unexpected (Workshop 1 area)

    15h00-15h30: Digital demonstration about Ci2ANum project ANDRA's stand

    16h00-16h15: Discover the exciting job of an Assystem Switcher (WNE nuclear connect zone)

    16h30-17h00: Assystem training courses awarded INSTN label (Assystem's stand)

    10h30-11h00: Accelerating Advanced Nuclear Technology through Engineering-Software Partnership with Virtuals Twins and MBSE (Worshop 2)

    12h30-13h30: Cocktail reception (Assystem's stand)

    13h00-13h30: Smart site selection for SMRs, a safe and resilient approach (Workshop 3 area)

    14h00-14h45: How to deliver Nuclear New Build programmes successfully chaired by Stéphane Aubarbier Deputy CEO Assystem (Sponsors tribune area

    16h00-16h15: Discover the exciting job of an Assystem Switcher (WNE nuclear connect zone)

    9h45-11h00: Building a diverse pool of talents for nuclear industry's success chaired by Anne-Charlotte Dagorn Director Marketing & Communication Assystem (Sponsors tribune area)

    11h30-12h00: Al-powored experience-based learning for efficient knowledge sharing (Workshop 1)

    12h00-12h15: Discover the exciting job of an Assystem Switcher (WNE nuclear connect zone)

    12h30-13h30: Cocktail reception (Assystem's stand)
  • Each Day: Please note that our stand J054 will be hosting virtual reality and augmented reality demonstrations and events every day of the exhibition.
WNE is a key event for Assystem. It highlights the importance of the nuclear sector in the global energy transition and our commitment to accelerate this transition worldwide in a safe and efficient manner through our expertise in engineering, project management and digital services. It is also an exceptional opportunity for professionals and young talent to learn more about Assystem through its news, business lines and job opportunities.
Stéphane Aubarbier Deputy Chief Executive Officer

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