23 October 2023

Assystem is tackling one of the most pressing challenges of our era—the transition to low-carbon energy. Guided by a deep commitment to the energy transition, Assystem's "Switch to Grow" graduate programme seeks to attract 2024 university-leavers in the UK who are driven by the desire to make a tangible impact on the issue of climate change.

The company has a heritage in nuclear energy, having been established in 1965 to support the deployment of the technology in France. It has since grown to employ more than 7,000 experts in 12 different countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, the United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan, expanding to other sectors including renewables, hydrogen and grid, as well as transport and infrastructure.

A tailored experience

Participants in the "Switch to Grow" programme will engage in challenging and rewarding work aligned with the transition to low-carbon energy. Their contributions will add value to major projects, such as the commissioning of the Hinkley point C nuclear power plant, the decommissioning of the Sellafield nuclear site, and the development of new low-carbon energy technologies, while expanding their skill sets. Tailored on-the-job training will enhance their capabilities and set them on a path towards a fulfilling career in their chosen discipline.

Options for career prospects

Graduates will have the opportunity to explore multiple industries, including Nuclear New Build, Nuclear Decommissioning, Defence, Fusion Energy, and Transport Infrastructure, diversifying their perspectives and working with various customers. Becoming part of a vibrant professional network through Assystem’s graduate community will enable participants to foster connections with like-minded individuals, while access to mentorship support will guide career development.

Upon completing the two-year graduate programme, participants will receive assistance in identifying their next role within Assystem, a company that embodies the values of diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration, while acquiring the skills necessary for continued success.

Prerequisites for Success

To thrive in the "Switch to Grow" graduate programme, participants should possess a range of qualities that are essential for success. These include strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as the ability to dissect complex challenges and find innovative solutions is key. Effective communication and teamwork abilities are also crucial, given the fast-paced environment in which graduates will operate.

A genuine passion for low-carbon energy and a commitment to making a positive impact in the sector are highly valued qualities, and adaptability is essential, as graduates need a willingness to learn and acclimatise quickly in an ever-changing industry. Additionally, having a relevant academic background and qualifications in the chosen discipline is essential.

Having a drive to contribute meaningfully to live projects and the organisation's goals, coupled with an ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and customers, will ensure success in the "Switch to Grow" programme.

Scott Riley, Early Careers Lead, Assystem said: “Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey where you actively contribute to the low-carbon energy transition and develop the skills for a successful career? If so, Assystem invites you to apply for the "Switch to Grow" graduate programme and become part of our Switchers community, dedicated to a sustainable future.

To find out more, and apply, visit: https://careers.smartrecruiters.com/ASSYSTEM/graduate

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